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Sell your property

The best price, without the hassle

Sell your property at the best price thanks to our innovative and strategic method. From preparing your ad to signing the deed of sale, we will be at your side. Contact us and let’s start working together.


Dynamic management of short-term rental calendars

We dynamically manage calendars (on Airbnb and Booking for example).

This allows us to find the RIGHT PRICE week by week to obtain the best possible fill rate and price.

Your gain is our gain.

This dynamic management software was developed by our managing partner, Mr. David Jordy.

How do I give EDENROC a mandate to manage my property?

​Just contact us and provide us with the following information

- good quality photos - characteristics of the property (m2, location, strong points...)

- title deed or lease contract

- plans (if you have them)

- contact and visiting hours​

We will estimate the property in the form of a value opinion which we will submit to you.​

If you decide to entrust us with the sale, we will establish a mandate including the price and duration.


Sell your property

Paragraph of your Offers section. Encourage your future customers to provide the information necessary to submit their offer on your site.

Merci pour votre envoi !

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